Today, I am Fearless (well, almost …!)

The Smear Test – or Cervical Screening as it’s now called … eeeesh.

How I would love to *not* go in to the cold, bleak doctors room, whip my knickers off and lay back whilst making polite chit-chat to the nurse about what’s for dinner tonight.  All the while the speculum is being inserted into my unsuspecting vagina.  Ouchie!!! My cervix wasn’t too happy, either.  But it doesn’t hurt! Just a little uncomfortable I suppose. Seriously, it’s really not a great experience! However, what I can’t understand is why so many women STILL ignore their letter and don’t go to their appointments (around 30% I believe!)

It was over with in just a couple of minutes, and off I went into M&S to buy some comfort food and go home to cuddle my hot water bottle (I always end up with cramping after my Smear!) I had a huge sense of achievement and a big tick off today’s ‘To Do’ list, so I’m winning.  For now!

Please go to your screenings, girls! Be brave, and get it over and done with.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be talking about some other issues that make us think we’re out of our depth in life. Fear not, I don’t think the word vagina comes into topic at all!





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