Do we have a pause button here somewhere?

Isn’t it funny – how the world just . keeps . going. … Time doesn’t wait for anyone.  Even when you’re hit with two migraines in one day, and you just wanna curl up in bed with the curtains pulled shut and let life drift by, just for a while.

Back in the real world, nothing ever sits still! Today I enjoyed a lovely catch-up with a friend, over which we enjoyed a cuppa and chatted at length about our growing businesses and personal growth plans.  Then, the subject turned to the week we’d both had, and naturally my Smear Test came up in convo! It turns out, this dear friend of mine hasn’t had a Smear Test in over 10 years!!! Needless to say, I got her on the phone right then and wouldn’t stop harping on about it until her appointment was made. Easy! Plus, I made sure I know when it is so I can ensure she actually goes.  Why not chat to one of your girl friends about it today – give them that gentle reminder and ensure they get booked in.

So … now for Friday to relax and welcome the weekend.  I am SO happy to stop watching the clock, put my dressing gown over my clothes, catch up with some last minute ‘To Do’s’ on my list from the week, and then settle into the weekend knowing that this week, I have *done* enough. I have *been* enough. I am incredibly guilty of giving myself a hard time, a lot of the time, and this is an aspect of my life I am trying to become more mindful of.  So, if you’re anything like me, remind yourself of a few things you’re grateful for in your life, visualise the weekend ahead as your safe happy place, contact friends you’ve not caught up with in a while and enjoy knowing how special and loved you are.

Until next time, Emelie Xx




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