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Wear your heart on your sleeve, your hero on your chest

International Women’s Day is always a favourite of mine.  But 2019’s International Women’s Day is feeling different somehow.  I believe it’s due to the strength I have absorbed from my paintings, and how they have taught me that to be strong from the inside out is one of the most powerful things we can teach ourselves to

Be bold. Be kind. Be you. Be SUPER!

Emelie Hryhoruk

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‘I am Strong’ design
Available from 8th March 2019 (International Women’s Day)

How it began…

Having battled with my Mental Health from a young age, with an extraordinary post Natal Depression battle in 2008 and worse still in 2013, I can safely say that at times throughout my life the world has seemed dark.  It has been frightening, actually.  It was impossible to see a way out. 

The only reason I am here, now, writing this, is thanks to my husband, my friends and my family.  They brought me so far with their love, kindness and support.  But whole-heartedly, I can say that I did the rest!  Which, even as I write this sounds unbelievable even for me, but it is most certainly the most important part.


I took a step, a really hard, daunting step, to take control one day.  I picked up my paint brushes and painted something strong. Colourful. Empowering. Something that I wanted to BE. That I could try to relate to in order to gain some power back in my life.  As the painting evolved, and the image took hold, I could physically and mentally feel the shift happening.  And ‘I am Strong’ was born.

This image, this strong woman, was the opposite of me.  So why did I feel so much like her? Throughout the process of painting her, I’d begun practicing the art of visualisation – together with affirmations, meditation and silence.  It has had an unprecedented effect on my life, and the paintings just keep on coming!

My t-shirts are a way of making my work accessible for everyone – I want everyone to find their super power and to share it with others.

Emelie Hyrhoruk

Helping others…

My aim? Is to guide others who are battling with their Mental Health. To support the MIND Charity in their amazing work. To express the importance of talking out our problems. To show our children that to make mistakes and to feel vulnerable is OKAY, and that it is in fact the journey of life and will make us stronger one hurdle at a time.  These Superheroes we all look up to are no different to us. They all have their weaknesses and have nurtured their strengths, just as we must learn to do.

Happy International Women’s Day