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I am Unstoppable

I am Unstoppable

Created over a number of weeks, built up slowly using layered acrylic and spray paints, this Original boasts an energy that will stop you in your tracks.

Its 4×3′ Tulipwood timber frame and Italian Natural Linen all adds to the superior quality of this Collectable piece of Art.

Undeniably one of Emelie’s most talked about Artworks, ‘I am Unstoppable’ took her on a journey of self-discovery, during which the painting very nearly remained ‘unfinished’.

The character of The Joker, by which the painting is inspired by, encompassed Emelie in such a powerful way that the painting itself took on a somewhat dark persona, taking Emelie with it.

Taking a number of weeks out to re-group and reflect on the unfinished painting, Emelie struggled to continue with this piece.

In May 2019, the brushes were once again working their magic, and ‘I am Unstoppable’ stepped into the light. By researching Heath Ledger as an individual, Emelie was able to regain her strength and bring the painting back from despair.

An incredible journey for all those who witnessed its creation – and for those who stumble upon it in its completion, a memorable encounter with emotion like no other emanating from the paint.

A pinnacle piece for a Collector from Emelie’s increasingly sought after Collection.