This is Me

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I’m a Pisces, a scatty dreamer with *big* dreams. I wake up early whilst the world sleeps and make plans, read, meditate, and work hard. I’ve fought depression from a young age (before I even knew it had a name) & PND twice, I’m fiercely kind and wear my heart on my sleeve, I love M&M’s (the original ones 🙌🏼), I adore ducks – I had one once, we had many adventures in my Austin Metro, until she got massive and could fly 😅, I think of family and friends every day and send them positive colourful vibes, I believe everyone has a Superpower; mine is my imagination and the willingness to share it with others. I am a proud Mum of two beautifully inspiring boys, and a wife|best friend|wing woman to Nick, my big friendly giant. I’m an absolute disorganised wreck, most of the time, but I am this with love, not arrogance. I have been painting and selling my Artwork since I was at school. I see Art in everything & everyone. My escape is the Seaside – wow do I love the seaside!!! It has a huge piece of my heart 💙🙏🏼
My Superheroes are inspired by those we see in the films & comics, with a gigantic portion of reality and true-to-life heroes thrown in for good measure. You all inspire me!
I do hope this answers many of your questions! Please stop by and say hi on via my contact form or social media! I’d love to learn of your Superpower!