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Emelie is an Award Winning Artist, creating empowering portraits to bring out your inner Super Hero, using an Urban Art style and a vibrant layering process.

As featured in House and Garden Magazine, Emelie’s portraits are created to empower her audience, with the titles of her work acting as affirmations when read.

With a sensitive history of depression and mental health battles, Emelie hopes her work will help others fighting the same battles.  Emelie created the first painting in the ‘Empowered’ Collection after visiting her father, who is terminally ill, and ‘I am Strong’ was born.

Wonder Woman displays endless tenacity, yet she is wonderfully kind, modest and selfless. She helped me to discover my own strengths that had become buried under the weight of ‘life’, and allowed me to value what little of it I had left.  Undeterred, She led me on to create ‘I am Fierce’, and I could feel my inner power gain momentum throughout the entire process. To this day, with each new painting, this continues to grow stronger. My only wish is to those who take view of my paintings – take some of that strength for yourself; absorb it, nurture it, and be safe in the knowledge that you too can become a stronger version of yourself.

Painting in her captivating studio hidden in the Wiltshire countryside, Emelie invites commissioned Art projects as well as painting freely for exhibitions and galleries.

Emelie’s work is highly sought after, with valued Collectors throughout the UK, USA, Dubai, Israel and France.

Later this year you will be able to see Emelie’s original work and prints in The Reload Gallery, Leamington Spa, UK and the ArtGalleryShow, Monaco.

There are always people around you who will listen, despite how alone you may feel.  Don’t ever feel like you can’t reach out.  You can contact me for a chat, or find a friendly listening ear here:



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